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Laser-based Measurement Technique for Optical

Multi-Point In-Situ Profiling of Large Aspherics


Study projects- Some collaborations.......

High Resolution X-ray Explorer (HIREX)

Bauer is participating in a study with Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) to determine the feasibility of building an orbiting telescope capable of resolving 7 km structure on the sun at X-ray wavelengths. The baseline optical design is a 0.6 meter normal incidence telescope with an effective focal length of 240 meters. Bauer developed an off axis design for this telescope and defined a performance error budget.


Space Interferometer Mission (SIM)

The goals of the Space Interferometer Mission are to provide micro arc-second astrometery (stellar position mapping) and very high resolution synthetic aperture imaging with a single low cost space observatory. In conjunction with Kodak and TRW Bauer has extensively modeled the calibration and operation of this very complicated instrument. The resulting performance model is being used to develop systems engineering trades as the SIM hardware design progresses.



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